Strategic Objectives

  • To deliver sustainable real positive returns and preservation of capital over the long term by managing assets held under commercial principles..
  • To act with integrity and professionalism at all times by adhering to the values of legality, accountability, transparency and performance..
  • To follow best international practices of other sovereign wealth funds under the Santiago Principles promoting excellence in all that it does.
  • To support development and social initiatives of national importance for the benefit of the community across present and future generations.

Functions and Duties

  • To contribute to major projects of national importance.
  • To assist in projects and initiatives in the public interest, by inter alia, promoting, supporting the advancement of education, research, innovation, justice and the rule of law, employment and public health.
  • To contribute to the development of better public services.
  • To support enterprise and business in improving its competitiveness.
  • To promote research and development in matters conducive to the public interest.
  • To help stakeholders to deliver social, employment and educational projects.
  • To foster initiatives that support reforms and better governance.
  • To support measures for the improvement of the fairness and efficiency of justice.
  • To foster initiatives encouraging gender equality, prevention of discrimination and respect for human rights.
  • To assist initiatives to provide for the social housing needs of the population and to combat social exclusion.
  • To sponsor initiatives for the improvement of health, health care and care for the elderly.
  • To undertake initiatives for the benefit of future generations.