Media Release 02/2022 - Friday 20 May 2022

Media Release 02/2022 - Friday 20 May 2022

Malta’s First Hospice Complex Heading Steadily Towards Completion

Works on Malta’s first Hospice Complex for palliative care services are nearly complete and it is expected that the project will become fully operational by end 2023. The Board of Governors and Chief Executive Officer of the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) visited the premises and witnessed the extensive works that have been completed over the past months.

Located in the former Adelaide Cini Institute in Santa Venera, the 11,000sqm complex was previously owned by the Church but was formally handed over to Hospice Malta in 2019. By means of an agreement signed between the Fund and Hospice Malta last year, NDSF will co-fund the project by means of a social grant of €8 million. To-date, most of the civil works have been completed and works on the finishing are now underway.


The St Michael Hospice Palliative Care Centre will include an In-Patient unit, which will provide more In-Patient palliative care services to patients with life limiting illnesses. The present-day therapy services offered by Hospice Malta will be expanded to increase its outreach programme within the community, and two medical Out-Patient clinics will be introduced. Furthermore, Hospice will keep on consolidating the professional team within the community to further support patients and their families. St. Michael Hospice will also enhance its educational wing, which will facilitate the exchange of expertise with other Hospice facilities across the world.


Whilst the building’s original architectural characteristics were preserved and restored, the complex has been made fully accessible for all mobility requirements. The rooms are designed in a way that allows patients to access the garden area from their room. The complex will also host a hydrotherapy bath and a physiotherapy area, among other facilities.


The NDSF Board members and CEO Mr. Raymond Andrew Ellul, were met by Hospice Malta’s Chairperson, Ms. Bernadette Bonnici Kind, its Chief Executive Officer Mr Kenneth Delia, Chief Relations Officer Mr. Andrew Zammit and Project Coordinator, Ms. Lora Cascun.

“The Fund’s substantial financial contribution towards this project demonstrates its commitment towards funding projects of national importance which are in the public’s best interest”, said Mr Ellul. “St. Michael Hospice will ensure that all patients are treated with dignity and that their families, find the necessary support during the most difficult moments of their lives in an ambience of professional service and in a spirit of compassion”, he concluded.

Ms. Bonnici Kind held that the new St Michael Hospice is the natural progression of Hospice Malta’s 33-year service in the community, towards further enhancing its free of charge holistic support to patients and their families. “Hospice is grateful that this effort has been recognized as a project of National importance for the benefit of this and future generations”, said Ms Bonnici Kind.